National Framework of Qualifications

National Framework of Qualifications

Faculty of Law

Study program: Legal Studies

Higher Education national framework

Bachelor of Science in Law

Level of classification: VI A, First cycle of the studies,
University studies 240 ЕCTS

Knowledge and understanding

  • To demonstrate knowledge and systematic understanding of key principles and concepts towards the principle fields of Law.
  • To show knowledge and understanding for Law as individuals as well as groups.
  • To show knowledge and understanding for law in a social context. 

Applying knowledge and understanding

  • Ability to apply knowledge and understandings towards the Law, through identification, classification and formulation of possible solutions towards the legal problems.
  • Ability to combine theory and practice in the field of Law.
  • Ability to conduct appropriate researches, interpret data and make decisions using appropriate literature and other data sources.

Making judgments

  • Ability to identify, formulate, analyze, solve and interpret data in the area of Law and giving directions and proposals according to their individual knowledge that they have with regard to legal changes and dynamics.
  • Ability to apply and integrate knowledge and understandings in Law.
  • To apply an appropriate decision while evaluating the knowledge in the field of Law, taking into a consideration relevant aspects such as: personal, scientific and ethical aspects.


  • Ability to function adequately as an individual and as a member of a multidisciplinary team in a variety of roles.
  • To be capable to publish and give justification about conclusions and recommendations of the findings to the general public.