Faculty of Law

Dean’s message

The main goal of the Faculty of Law is to provide the students with a qualified and comparative knowledge on law and to prepare them as a judge, prosecute or lawyer. Faculty of Law has Legal Studies program for the under-graduate students. Besides, the studies are on-going for getting the accreditation of 2nd cycle program on legal studies.

Faculty of Law is a new faculty in the International Balkan University, but has many students from Turkey and other Balkan countries.  Legal Studies program is attractive for many young people because of teaching language in English and the advantage of providing an international environment. We hope that the Law faculty will attract more attention in the coming years, particularly for the graduate students who look for professional education on master level. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. FEHMI AGCA


1. Legal Studies                                                              


As a professional discipline, legal studies program aims to provide the students with a detailed knowledge on the main principles of the different branches of law. In this context, promoting the skills in communication, both visual and verbal, are essential. Besides, the students will reach to the capacity to make deep analyses on the legal issues. Legal studies program, as a social science discipline, focus to bring solutions to the conflicts between the individuals and the institutions. The final aim is to maintain justice, security and order in society and also provide necessary conditions for an effective and well-functioning state.

Educational aims

The main goals of Legal Studies program is to provide an effective education through knowledge and practice in establishing a successful career in the field of Law and to provide the students with a deep analyzes capability for being competitive for the solution of very diverse legal conflicts. Besides, the program aims to create conditions for professional development and involvement in lifelong learning process in response to the changing needs of Law.

The students who have completed all the courses designated within the curriculum of the program, having a total of 240 ECTS Credits, with passing grades will graduate and have a diploma of Bachelor of Science in Law.

Learning Outcomes

The students graduated from the Legal Studies program should reach a level of learning;

  • To demonstrate knowledge and systematic understanding of key principles and concepts towards the principle fields of Law.
  • To show knowledge and understanding for law in a social context.
  • Ability to apply knowledge and understandings towards the Law, through identification, classification and formulation of possible solutions towards the legal problems.
  • Ability to combine theory and practice in the field of Law.
  • Ability to conduct appropriate researches, interpret data and make decisions using appropriate literature and other data sources.
  • Ability to identify, formulate, analyze, solve and interpret data in the area of Law and giving directions and proposals according to their individual knowledge with regard to legal changes and dynamics.
  • Ability to apply and integrate knowledge and understandings in Law.
  • To apply an appropriate decision while evaluating the knowledge in the field of Law, taking into a consideration relevant aspects such as: personal, scientific and ethical aspects.

Career opportunities

The students graduated from the law faculty are employed as judge, prosecute or lawyer in state departments. Besides, they can perform their profession as the lawyer after completing their internship in the Bar and registering as a lawyer.

Besides, the students of law are being wanted for many managerial positions in many public institutions and private companies.

National Framework of Qualifications

Study Program Course List