Public Relations


Public relations is a professional program that deals with the techniques of promoting goodwill between companies, individuals and governments and the populations they serve. Like marketing, it is a practical application of communications and sociological theory. We aim to make every student understand the power of communication and journalism and how to use them to their full potential.


Over the four years of the program, students will be introduced to the theories and practices that underpin effective textual, visual and oral communication. The main aim of the Public Relations Program is to develop the capabilities and attributes needed for the public relations professionalism, including:

  • High level communication and professional skills
  • Creativity, original thought and analysis
  • General understanding of the social, political, business and media environments
  • Ability to plan and implement public relations techniques on time and within budget
  • Recognition of the importance of research, evaluation and intellectual rigor
  • Good understanding of organizational skills and project management.


PR professionals work in a wide variety of organizations and industries. They may provide advice to management and decision-makers at the highest level and work closely with the media. Roles in this industry may include: public relations officer, internal communications coordinator, publicist, community relations specialist, and public affairs consultant.

They can be employed in the private companies, public services, local authorities, government agencies, NGOs, international organizations, academics, service-providing industries.

National Framework of Qualifications

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